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Picus Odden starting Kentucky Adequacy Study

Picus Odden and Associates is in the process of developing a study of the adequacy of Kentucky’s school funding system, working under contract with the Council for Better Education.  Senior Associate Michael Goetz will direct the project, which will use the firm’s Evidence-Based model to assess adequacy and build on the firm’s analyses of Kentucky’s education system conducted in the early 1990s.  Results should be available in the second half of 2014.

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Meeting with Maine’s Interim Education Committee

The Picus Odden report on school finance reform, using the Evidence Based Model, received a good response by the Interim Education Committee meeting on October 29, 2013.

An article published in Maine’s, Bangor Daily News reported,

“Members of the Legislature’s Education Committee on Tuesday focused on what the best possible education system in Maine should look like, while deferring what is sure to be a contentious debate about how to pay for it.”

The final report for Maine’s Interim Education Committee is due on the 1st of December.