Improving Student Achievement

The goal of our Evidence-Based model is not only to serve as a guide to identify the level of resources that schools need to provide every student an equal education opportunity to achieve to state proficiency standards, increasingly standards that would prepare a student to be successful in college or the world of work in the evolving, knowledge-based, global economy.  The goal also is for districts and schools to use those resources to dramatically improve student learning.

Based on research by others as well as our case studies of many schools and districts around the country that have dramatically improved student performance, Chapter 5 of the fifth edition of our text book, Allan Odden and Lawrence O. Picus, School Finance: A Policy Perspective, New York: McGraw Hill (2014) shows how schools and districts have taken the resources that we include in our Evidence-Based Model and woven them into a cohesive and powerful set of improvement strategies that produce large improvements in student achievement, and reduce achievement gaps.

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