State Studies


An Evidenced Based Approach To School Finance Adequacy In Arizona (2004)


An Evidenced-Based Approach to School Finance Adequacy in Arkansas (2003)
Developing Differentiated Compensation For Teachers (2003)
Level and Use of Resources in Arkansas PowerPoints (2006)
Recalibrating the Arkansas School Funding Structure (2006))
Boosting Student Performance and Closing the Achievement Gap (2010)
2014 Desk Audit of the Arkansas School Funding System (2014)


Picus Odden & Associates KY-School Finance Project Report Part I (2014)
Picus Odden & Associates KY School Finance Project Report Part II (2014)
Analysis of the Equity of School Facilities Funding In Kentucky (2006)
Assessing the Equity of Kentucky’s SEEK Formula: A Ten-Year Analysis (2001)
A Professional Judgment Approach to School Finance Adequacy in Kentucky (2003)
A State-of-the-Art Approach to School Finance Adequacy in Kentucky (2003)


An Independent Review of Maine’s Essential Programs and Services Funding (2013)
Policies That Address the Needs of High Property-Wealth School Districts with Low-Income Households (2013)
Picus Odden and Associates Part Two of the Final Report (2013)


An Evidence-Based Approach to Estimating a Base Spending Level and Pupil Weights for Maryland (2016)

North Dakota

Funding Schools Adequately in North Dakota: Resources to Double Student Performance (2008)
Overview of School Finance Adequacy Recalibration Study (2014)


Ohio Evidence-Based Analysis (2009)
Using The Evidence-Based Model in Strategic Budgeting: Examples from Four Diverse Ohio Districts (2011)


Texas Evidence-Based Adequacy Study (2012)


Funding Vermont’s Schools for the Future: A Policy Brief (February 2014)
Funding Vermont’s Schools for the Future:  A Discussion Paper (January
An Evaluation of Vermont’s Education Finance System (2012)
An Evaluation Of Vermont’s Education Finance System Executive Summary (2012)
Vermont Education Based Analysis (2016)


An Evidence-Based Approach to School Finance Adequacy in Washington (2006)
Washington Learns: Successful District Study Final Report (2006)


Moving From Good to Great in Wisconsin: Funding Schools Adequately and Doubling Student Performance (2007)


Wyoming Recalibration Report (2015)
Funding Model Desk Audit (2015)
Cost of Education Study (2010)
Wyoming School Use of Resources 2 (2009)
Implementing School Finance Adequacy: School Level Resource Use in Wyoming Following Adequacy-Oriented Finance Reform (2008)
Accountability in Wyoming based on Student Performance (2004)
Recalibration of the Wyoming School Funding Model (2005)

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